We have delivered workshops and seminars to a variety of clientele, ranging from sports clubs, CrossFit gyms, as well as to businesses within the corporate world.

Delivering information in a group setting is a fantastic way to teach nutrition, bust common myths, and empower people to make lasting changes that will have a real difference to their health and wellbeing.

How We Can Help

Next Step Nutrition is Leeds’ leading nutrition consultancy, providing innovative expert advice on optimal health and clinical issues, weight loss, sports performance, and workplace wellness.

Our philosophy is to cut through the nonsense of the fitness industry and dispel the myths that confuse us all on a day to day basis. We aim to deliver science backed information in an easy to understand and entertaining way so that you make lasting changes. What we do:

  • Provide accurate, practical and trustworthy information.
  • Don’t use out-dated messages.
  • Only give advice that is guaranteed to have an impact on your employees, not basic public health messages that lack efficacy – we will make your employees/members healthier faster!
  • Understand the need for interactive and engaging talks that motivate and inspire attendees and have become known for delivering just that – We can make healthy eating fun for your employees and their families!
  • Work with people day in day out and have helped hundreds of people transform their lives.


“Jonny presented to one of our team meetings in Manchester. His presentation was packed with content, seeking to dispel some of the myths surrounding nutrition. His evidenced based approach struck a chord, leading to lots of questions and debate both during and after the presentation. I would highly recommend Jonny to other organisations. His approach is engaging, professional and highly credible in both content and delivery.”

Toby Underwood, Partner at PwC

“Jonny came into our Canary Wharf office and gave a 30 minute nutrition seminar to around 50 banking executives. He nailed it. He made us laugh, he challenged our thinking and gave solid practical advice which I will remember for months and years to come.”

Noel Warnell, Barclays Corporate

If you want to discuss with us how we can help your business/organisation, feel free to get in touch or download our service brochure below

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