Lose Fat Without Giving Up Your Favourite Foods

In just 8-weeks, you too can lose fat without sacrificing wine, pizza, or all the good things in life

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Calling all chronic yo-yo dieters

You're here because you want to lose weight.

You've tried diets in the past and failed.

It's OK because it's not your fault.

We have the solution.

Project Puck Faleo is NOT a diet. It's a lifestyle change that shows you the real secrets to losing fat and keeping it off for life.

See Results In Just 8 Weeks

We understand that your time is short, that's why our program delivers results in just 8 weeks.

Better yet, our program educates and empowers you to make these changes a long-term solution.

That way you don't need another diet.

Imagine what it would be like to have a balanced relationship with food, a body that you love, and the confidence to go to parties, holidays, and social events without fearing weight gain.

Over the past 4 years, we have worked with 100s of people just like you to help them escape the chronic dieting trap, learn about healthy eating, and achieve their dream bodies.

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Project Puck Faleo is a simple, 8-week program that will:
Provide You With Personal Targets

Everyone's body is different and we take that into account. You will receive individual nutrition targets on day 1 to ensure you mage progress from day 1. 

Give You 100s Of Healthy Recipes

Never struggle knowing what to eat for breakfast again with our recipe book collection. These are designed to show you how enjoyable healthy eating can be


Provide Unrivalled Support

During the entire transformation you will be constantly connected and encouraged through Facebook. With live coaching calls and group support. This is proven to provide people with better, longer lasting results.

Offer Monthly Check-ins

You will be taught how to measure progress accurately for fat loss and receive monthly check-ins where your targets will be reviewed based on your progress!

Deliver Results That Last

We will help you lose fat and then teach you how to keep it off. No more yo-yo dieting or binge/restrict cycles here.

Offer Zero Restriction

No banned foods. No yes/no lists. No stupid rules. There are no such things as bad foods, just bad diets. We'll teach you the difference.

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Real People. Real Results

Project Puck Faleo has helped 100s of people just like you escape the chronic dieting trap, lose weight, and keep it off without restricting their favourite foods

"This was amazing Jonny! I would recommend this program to anyone interested in fat loss! Fat loss was my main goal and I achieved results that far exceeded what I thought was possible! Thank you!"
- John

"I'd like to say just a big THANK YOU ......I am sure you hear it all the time but the program has helped me make a huge conscious mental shift. What made this program so effective were the bite-sized chunks, layering different habits up ......it felt very manageable and I know I have learnt a lot"
- Sharon

"For seven days a week, you were never left feeling that you couldn't get the answer to a question, no matter how insignificant you may have thought it was!"
- Simon

Do You Want To Escape Chronic Dieting?

If you want to join 100s of others who are escaping the yo-yo dieting life and learning the secret to sustainable fat loss. Then this is for you.

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Alongside the 8-week program with all of the individual attention and support, you will also receive countless resources and advice sheets that make dieting a breeze.

All for just £136

Yes, less than £2.50 a day! Less than your daily Starbucks order you'll get all of this, plus, the knowledge to lose fat for life and the freedom from chronic dieting.

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Still unsure? We know you'll love this program so much we've added our Next Step Guarantee. So if you participate fully and still don't get results, we'll give you 100% of your money back

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