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Next Step Performance Coaching is online coaching specifically for driven men who want to lose weight, improve their health and set a better example to their kids.

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Sick Of All The Confusion In The Fitness Industry?

  • Struggle to find balance between work, fitness, social and family life?
  • Tried every nutrition approach out there to just put the weight back on?
  • Get distracted by new and sexy approaches that appear to be the quick fix?
  • What about finding something that works just for you

Being fit and healthy doesn't need to mean sacrificing all the joy in your life, counting calories forever and being a social hermit.

We specialise in working with people just like you, busy men who want to lose weight, improve their health and set a better example for their kids.

It can be confusing to know exactly what to do these days when it comes to nutrition and fitness, we'll help you reach your goals faster and easier by designing a plan just for you.

Like Ben here: "Through working with Jonny, I've lost 20lbs while travelling the world for work and eating/drinking the things I want!"

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Improve Your Quality Of Life

Look Better Naked:

Lose weight and increase your confidence again without a shirt on.

Find Balance With Fitness:

How can you be slim, strong and healthy while juggling the demands of work, family and a social life?

Set A Better Example:

Show your kids what healthy living looks like and be around for years to come.

Like Shaun here:

"Through working with Jonny, I've lost weight while still having time to spend with my new son and on my growing business"

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About Your Coach - Jonny Landels

"I work one on one with dads who want to lose weight, improve their health and set a better example for their kids.

You need a personal coach to help you through the confusion of the fitness industry these days. One who cares about you and your situation and can design something especially for you. 

I've been where you are now, I was confused about nutrition and fitness and I struggled for years with my eating habits and my relationship with food. I also lost my dad when I was 16, he was overweight, over-worked and didn't prioritise his health.

I made it a mission to overcome the confusion of the fitness industry and work out the real secrets to living a long, sustainable and balanced life.

I now specialise in helping men just like you achieve the same thing.

How to work with us

Step 1:

Book a free 30 minute call using the link on this page to find out if coaching is right for you.


Step 2:

We'll work 1:1 together, building out a fitness and nutrition plan that works just for you and your lifestyle.


Step 3:

Lose weight for good, improve your health and set a better example for your kids.

Men Just Like You We Have Helped

Ben // Director of adidas

"I knew working with Jonny was a no brainer"

“I’m an avid socialite with a busy job who always has to burn the candle at both ends. I love food, drink (the alcoholic kind) and going out with friends too much. My approach to managing a very average diet has always been to try and ‘out-exercise’ it. I failed at this.

Through working with Jonny I managed to lose 20 pounds while still eating and drinking the foods I wanted. I learnt a number of techniques that allowed me to “balance” my diet around key social and work events that work for my busy lifestyle.

I feel great about moving forward. Through NSN and Jonny I have been equipped with a wealth of knowledge about food and different techniques & levers that allow me to manage a busy lifestyle, whilst still doing (and eating/drinking!) all the things I want to."

Shaun // Owner of CrossFit Woodford

"Jonny has helped me lose the weight I've always struggled with"

Before working with Jonny, I was struggling to balance the demands of being a business owner, a singer and a new father.

I wanted to lose the weight that had always troubled me, regain my confidence with my shirt off and understand nutrition better so that I could set a better example to my son.

Working with Jonny is great, he's attentive, responsive and he really cares about you. I'm proud to call him a friend, not just a coach"

Matt // Husband & Executive Athlete

"It was great to be able to understand nutrition to achieve my fat loss goals"

"Before working with Jonny I was alternating between 'eating clean' and eating big. I couldn't find the balance between eating to lose my stubborn body-fat and eating for performance in the gym.

I love training and enjoy doing CrossFit and Strongman, I also travel frequently and love a social, having a plan that incorporated all that was key for me and I'd not found the balance myself.

Through working with Jonny he came up with a solution to every obstacle, he helped me when I was travelling, he helped me fit in social events and he helped me lose the body fat I'd wanted to for so long.

Plus, he helped me do this without 'eating clean' and then having major binges. It was great to be able to eat what I wanted and understand how to make that work with my fat loss and performance goals."