Puck Faleo

This is our revolutionary 8 week group program where we help you lose fat and teach you everything you need in how to keep it off for life.

If you have tried paleo, ‘clean-eating’, the ‘whole 30’, and not had results, this is for you

No fad diets, no quick fixes, no ‘8 weeks to 8 pack abs’

Just real coaching, real results, and those that last

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  • 8 Weeks of Nutrition Coaching

  • Monthly Check-ins and Adjustments

  • Extensive Recipe Databasae

  • Supportive Group Community

  • Results That Last!

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We don’t do cookie cutter meal plans, or simply offer ‘macros’ for you to count.

We don’t offer group workout programs or templates, we build a workout program entirely for you.

If you want to transform your body, and reach new levels of fitness, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Personal Nutrition Programming

  • Personal Workout Program

  • Weekly Check-ins and Adjustments

  • Constant Progression

  • Extensive Recipe And Resource Database

  • We Take Care Of Everything