Project Puck Faleo

Welcome To The Death Of Paleo! Introducing Project Puck Faleo - The 8 week nutrition program for CrossFitters who want a body their training deserves!


Calling all CrossFitters who have been FAILED by Paleo Dieting and Clean Eating Challenges

If you’ve tried every clean eating diet out there, only to find yourself losing a few kg, before piling them all back on again you must read this.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I embarrassed with my body at the moment? 
  • Should I be in better shape for the amount of CrossFit I do?
  • Do I feel chubby, slow and under confident? 
  • Am I ashamed to enter class with all the guys and gals getting their tops off in the heat of a WOD?
  • Would I love to lose weight so I can perform better, feel more confident, and be a role model to friends and family?

If you answered “yes” to any one the above, then please keep reading. 

I know that right now, having a body you can be proud of, with definition and a flat stomach probably seems like a pipe dream. 

And that’s natural. 

But I assure you, in this program you’ll learn what you need to do to get all of the above without restrictive diets or hating your life.

And without giving up ANY of your favourite foods. 

Yes - cake, crisps, chocolate and bread are all on the menu. Even beer/wine can be a part of your weight loss diet.

Read on to learn more.  

Diets Don’t Work For You

You probably tell yourself that you’re one of those people that diets don’t work for.

And it’s true.

Throughout my 10 years in the CrossFit world I’ve seen this first hand:  

CrossFitters who try every single diet out there, only to never achieve a body they love, or the physique that all their hard work deserves.

I feel your pain.

Quite frankly, it SUCKS when you put so much effort into sticking to your low-carb, low-calorie, clean eating, paleo-friendly diet, when you only lose a kg or two, and then pile all the weight back on as soon as you go back to eating normally.

It's incredibly frustrating to put in all that effort in the gym and not see the physical results you should do

For the lucky CrossFitters out there, dieting is a breeze.

Hell, they don’t even need to diet - they seem to get into amazing shape through willpower alone.

But there are some CrossFitters out there who just aren't that lucky.  

It doesn’t matter how often you go to the gym …  

What fat-burning supplements you take …  

How low you cut your carbs …  

Or how "clean" you try and eat …  

Nothing seems to work.  

Worse still, you feel so restricted on a diet that it has a huge impact on your social life.  

You can’t go out to eat with friends, have a drink with your partner, or celebrate birthdays, Christmas or go to barbecues without fear of gaining back all that body fat.  

So what are you to do?  

Give up dieting forever and just accept a life of being overweight, unhappy and hating your physique?  

It’s incredibly sad, but many people are doing this.  

All I wish was that they had the knowledge from Project Puck Faleo™ to help them overcome these issues

Are you GUILTY of any of the following …  

  • Cutting whole food groups from your diet 
  • Having a cheat meal(s) at weekends 
  • Trying to avoid grains, sugars, gluten or dairy? 
  • Buying a fat-burning supplement 
  • Having to avoid most social events in fear of food and weight gain?


If so, don’t worry.  

All these are incredibly common with CrossFitters trying to lose weight, but none of them are the correct way to go about fighting that stubborn fat,  

Cutting out food groups might seem like a good way to get slim and shredded, but trust me, it’s not.  

See by cutting out grains, or dairy, or meat, or sugar, or gluten, all you do is create monstrous cravings, which you can only stave off for so long.  

This leads us to …  

Cheat meals.  

Cheat meals boost your metabolism, right?  


Cheat meals are the fastest way to regain any weight you’ve lost, and make yourself bloated, fat and sick.  

These, along with all the other mistakes above are among a whole host of reasons why diets have never worked for you before.  

Now, this isn’t your fault:  

The CrossFit industry has lied to you.

Clean eating is a MYTH and is a great way to develop an eating disorder. No foods are better or worse for you in isolation, we need to view the diet as a whole!

Not only that, but paleo is stupid isn't it?

"Oh, you're not allowed anything processed...unless it has the word paleo in front of it"

So that random cereal bar that definitely wouldn't have been in the caveman era is OK for me to eat?

Yep, 'cause it says "Paleo"


Not only that, but you're forced to give up foods that you enjoy and that are shown to be good for you

Grains, beans and dairy all have positive health effects, not negative

So why the fuck should we follow such a backwards diet that doesn't allow us to live?

We shouldn't.

Now, if you want out of this vicious cycle, read on to see the success stories from Project Puck Faleo. 

John Lost Over 10% of His Bodyweight

"This was amazing Jonny! I would recommend this program to anyone interested in fat loss!

Fat loss was my main goal and I achieved results that far exceeded what I thought was possible! Thank you!"

Sharon Lost Over 8kgs of Body Fat!

"I'd like to say just a big THANK YOU ......I am sure you hear it all the time but the program has helped me make a huge conscious mental shift.

What made this program so effective were the bite sized chunks, layering different habits up felt very manageable and I know I have learnt a lot"

Katy Improved Performance And Lost 6cm From Her Abs

"I signed up to learn how to eat well and get stronger. I loved the accountability and having control over what I wanted to eat throughout."

Simon Lost 3kg Body Fat 

"For seven days a week you were never left feeling that you couldn't get the answer to a question, no matter how insignificant you may have thought it was! The cameradierie was excellent within the group and Jonny's style and communication skills were superb! The last 8 weeks have been a masterclass in how to run a group such as this and I think a lot of similar products offered by other businesses would do well to take a leaf out of Jonny's book in terms of how to organise them"

Zoe Unleashed Her Abs 

"My relationship with food has definitely improved and I’m seeing loads of improvement but I think it’s the accountability long term of sticking to things and telling myself not to go all in when it’s not needed that helped the most"



If you want results like these, our next program starts on Monday 26th August. 

Enrolments are open now and spaces are incredibly limited

If you want in I highly recommend you get enrolled now through the link below


We don't believe in restrictive diets, 'clean eating', or fad approaches that encourage a quick fix with zero sustainability.

We provide you with an approach built around you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Better yet, we get you results without having to give up pizza, beers with your mates, or your entire social life

So on this program, you really can have your cake and eat it!


Project Puck Faleo Is The Best Nutrition Program For CrossFitters

Personal Nutrition Targets Everyone's body is different and we take that into account. You will receive individual nutrition targets on day 1 to kick start your journey

Facebook Support During the entire transformation you will be constantly connected and encouraged through Facebook. With live coaching calls, and more!

Results That Last We will help you lose fat and then teach you how to keep it off. No more yo-yo dieting or binge/restrict cycles here.

100+ Healthy Recipes Never struggle knowing what to eat for breakfast again with our recipe book collection. These are designed to show you how enjoyable healthy eating can be

Monthly Check-ins You will be taught how to measure progress accurately for fat loss and receive monthly check-ins where your targets will be reviewed based on your progress!

Zero Restriction No banned foods. No yes/no lists. No stupid rules. There are no such things as bad foods, just bad diets. We'll teach you the difference.

Before you click that button let me be clear:  

This is NOT for everyone.  

I’ve had people invest before who haven’t been serious.  

They’ve not really wanted to achieve a better physique, improved knowledge and a better relationship with food.

And that’s okay, because not everybody is ready to commit to finally making a change and grasping hold of their perfect body.  

My guess though, is if you’re reading this, you are.  

When you click the button below, you’ll immediately be taking a step towards your perfect figure.  

Just picture it -  

You’ll look amazing.  

Friends will ask how you managed it as they gaze at you in envy.  

Your partner will find you sexier than ever.  

Your gym buddies will be amazed at your new physique and improved WOD performance.  

And most importantly, you’ll finally feel confident in your own skin and have a body you love.  

What’s more, you can do all of this without having to ban your favourite foods.

What’s stopping you?  

Think about it -  

Are you 100% happy with your physique at the moment?  

Do you like carrying around those extra kgs?  

And is yoyo dieting something you want to be doing for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?  

If not, you know what to do.  

What’s it to be?  

Get on the list now and start seeing immediate results, or go back to your paleo diets, your expensive supplements and your extra Assault Bike work, see no results only to come back here in 2 months time more miserable, more depressed and 3 to 5kgs heavier?  

The choice is yours …